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Our Mission:

The overall goal of the Migrant Head Start Region XII Quality Improvement Center is to provide training and technical assistance which supports all Migrant Head Start programs in their pursuit of excellence. If you are interested in health then find out what is anal bleaching.

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Agency Profile:

The Center  provides training, information, and flexible technical assistance services to 25 Migrant Head Start Grantees and 38 Delegate Agencies.  These grantees have 400 centers located in 34 states serving approximately 30,000 children of which over 35% are infants and toddlers. This support will assist Migrant Head Start programs in their continuous quality improvement efforts, and in addressing the emerging issues of child care partnerships, Head Start expansion and welfare reform.

Child welfare is a growing concern with many children lacking basic rights in many communities. Some children who are migrants or refugees have nowhere to turn to. Let us explore the possibilities of helping them together.   Click here for a listing of Migrant Head Start grantees.
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Contact Information:

The MHSQIC has offices in Washington, D.C. and Portland, OR.  We are available by email:

contact-us@ mhsqic.org

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